The EURO 2024 & the power of data analysis

It's that time again: time for football, time for cheering, and predictions. We at Caseware are in the grip of EURO fever, too, and we´re combining the excitement of football with the power of data. How do we do that? Join us during EURO 2024 to explore the fascinating intersection of football and data analysis. 

Our analyses uncover the patterns behind the matches, from player performances to tactical strategies. Experience exciting predictions and view EURO 2024 from a data-driven perspective. Stay informed and discover what data can reveal about the games.*

Football meets Data

Throughout EURO 2024, we will be publishing a series of videos featuring our analyses and insights. Be sure to check back here or visit our YouTube channel regularly to stay updated.

Webinar: The Science Behind Our Analysis

How do we use state-of-the-art analysis tools and innovative techniques to make predictions during the EURO 2024? Our experts Sebastian Gößl and Terry Wong (both Caseware) will explain everything in our upcoming webinar on August 14, 2024.

Join us for an engaging session where you´ll learn about the methodologies behind our analyses and gain fasctinating insights into the world of data analysis. 

Register now for our free webinar, ‘Data Analytics in Football’, and dive into the future of data analysis.

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