Data ReBase

Our software solution Data ReBase, formerly AIS TaxMart, enables you to harmonize the legal storage and provision obligations with internal company requirements. In addition to intelligent and secure access and analysis functions, the solution allows you to store legacy data outside the operational systems at a reasonable price.

Data ReBase Cloud

Data ReBase is available as an on-premise and cloud solution. The cloud solution is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and can be accessed via a web browser - no additional hardware is required.

The Data ReBase solution is designed for the following scenarios:

  • System changes and system retirements (application retirement)
  • Company sales (Carve-Out)
  • Acquisitions of companies (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Regular archiving or outsourcing of data from operational systems (Data Hub/Data Lake)
  • S/4HANA scenarios

In all these scenarios, regulatory requirements (above all GoBD and GDPR) must be met; under no circumstances may data simply be deleted or systems shut down. Especially in heterogeneous IT environments this generates continuous expenses for the retention and provision of legacy data.
With Data ReBase you can meet the GoBD requirements of the tax authorities, even if over time you outsource data from your ERP systems for performance reasons or replace old ERP systems with new ones. The software is the optimal solution for the supply and analysis of tax-relevant data in the sense of the so-called "evaluable archive" for the access types Z1, Z2 and Z3.

Benefits for users

  • Information system independent of source system
  • Compliance with external and internal regulations (especially GDPR and the German GoBD)
  • Qualitative adoption of reports/evaluations
  • Reducing IT complexity/IT efforts


    • Provision of project-related and tried and tested process documentation
    • Consideration of unstructured data (e.g. scanned documents)
    • Accepted by external auditors (certified public accountants and tax auditors)
    • Provision of data for future analysis requirements
    • Synergy effects by using central solutions for data storage from different source systems
    • Guarantee that data is still available even after a company acquisition

    Overview of important functionalities

    • Table Viewer
      Basic analysis functions that are also used in the context of tax audits are available for you. Individual or successive evaluations can be saved and reused again and again.
    • Reporting
      Even complex reports from the production systems can be reproduced qualitatively to meet the requirements of the Z1/Z2 access type.
    • Work areas/export definitions
      The convenient solution for Z3 access. A data carrier cession in the data structure recommended by the tax authorities can be produced, whereby the data can be selected not only on table level, but even on field level. In addition, it is possible to restrict external auditors' Z1/Z2 access to Data ReBase objects such as tables, reports and documents containing tax-relevant data – without violating data protection regulations.
    • GDPR Manager
      We make sure that our solution also takes the concerns of the GDPR into account. With the GDPR Manager you ensure the role-based assignment of authorizations, the execution of GDPR requests and the (automated) deletion of data. In addition, legal hold operations can be considered to prevent deletion.

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