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With our Data Retention Management approach we offer solutions for the following scenarios:


In all these scenarios regulatory requirements have to be met (e.g. the GoBD in Germany), by no means can you simply delete data or shut off systems! Especially in heterogeneous IT environments this generates continuous expenses for the retention and provision of legacy data.

With our successful Data Retention Management you can pursue two targets at once: compliance with legal obligations of retaining and providing data and your internal business requirements. In addition to intelligent and secure access and analysis functionalities this involves mainly cost-efficient retention of legacy data outside operational systems.

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Factsheet Roadmap GDPR (German)

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Our infographics provide an overview of the importance of Data Retention Management for companies. (Database: Audicon webinar surveys of the last years.)

Our infographics provide an overview of the importance of Data Retention Management for companies.

(Database: Audicon webinar surveys of the last years.)

Data ReBase: The solution for smart Data Retention Management

Audicon is your partner for smart Data Retention Management. In 2004 Audicon was the first provider on the German market with an “analyzable archive” (AIS TaxMart) for a compliant archiving of outsourced data or complete legacy systems. Since then Audicon has archived and retired hundreds of IT systems (SAP® and non-SAP®) for numerous companies in compliance with the relevant laws.

The Data ReBase archiving solution is available as on-premise and cloud solution.


Audicon - your partner for Data Retention Management projects

Collaborating with the Audicon Business Unit Data Retention Management you benefit from 15 years of project experience with 170 different systems. The following qualities distinguish our Data Retention Management projects.

  • Data retention
    • Central data retention of legacy data and documents from system retirements, restructuring measures and regular archiving.
    • Ensuring a complete data transfer including logging.
    • Transfer or linking of unstructured data
    • Optional: Deleting data after retention period expired
    • Compliance with GDPR requirements
  • Access rights
    • Central user authorization administration for all requesters
    • Access only to provided data
    • Guarantee of the required data protection
    • Compliance with the German regulatory requirements called “GoBD” for a data carrier cession (Z3)
    • GoBD-compliant access to the system (Z1/Z2) (representation of the usual evaluations/reports of the source system in regards of quantity and quality)
  • Data analysis
    • Availability of generic data analysis functionality (IDEA functionality)
    • Ability to save analysis scenarios

  • Open architecture
    • Customer can add data, documents and reports

Central access - less expenses - full compliance

No matter where the data comes from - our central retention solution Data ReBase can handle data with various formats and sources and provide it at any time in the desired or legally required form. This way all issues regarding legacy data management are resolved in a consistent manner. This helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and system discontinuities, which appear if no central solution is used.

Applying the usual analyses, reports and views and compliance with the default data structure as export interface ensures full acceptance by the external auditors (especially tax auditors and other governmental auditors)

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