Data Hub/Data Lake: Central retention and administration of all legacy data

Legacy data management does not have to be complicated

The regulatory requirements (e.g. in Germany above all the GoBD) must be observed when regularly archiving or outsourcing data from operational systems. The Data Hub ensures the availability of your legacy data for internal and external auditing and research purposes for the entire time period for which it must be retained - while meeting all relevant compliance requirements, of course.

Data Lake

Audicon and Data ReBase help you find the perfect central retention solution for you.
Through our central retention solution, we collect data from a wide variety of source systems. The data is thus available for any future analysis. The Data Lake has a flat hierarchy and does not need to know the type of analysis to be performed later to store the data. Only when you actually need the data is it searched, structured or reformatted.

Central access - less expenses - full compliance

No matter where the data comes from - our central retention solution Data ReBase can handle data with various formats and sources and provides the data at any time in the desired or legally required form. This way all issues regarding legacy data management are resolved in a consistent manner. This helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and system discontinuities, which appear if no central solution is used.

Applying the usual analyses, reports and views and compliance with the default data structure as export interface ensures full acceptance by the external auditors (especially tax auditors and other governmental auditors)

Data ReBase: Our software - your benefits

  • Information system independent of source system
  • Compliance with external and internal regulations (especially GDPR and the German GoBD)
  • Qualitative adoption of reports/evaluations
  • Reducing IT complexity/IT efforts
  • Provision of project-related and tried and tested process documentation
  • Consideration of unstructured data (e.g. scanned documents)
  • Accepted by external auditors (certified public accountants and tax auditors)
  • Provision of data for future analysis requirements
  • Synergy effects by using central solutions for data storage of different legacy systems

Our offer for you!

In addition to our Data Retention Management approach for the retention of legacy data (Data Hub/Data Lake) we also offer solutions for the following Data Retention Management scenarios: